Yoga Clothes For Women Made From Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Yoga Clothes For Women Made From Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Many large brands boast the latest trends in sweat-wicking, comfort, and style in yoga clothes for women. Have you thought about yoga clothes made from sustainable fabrics? These options are just as comfortable as other brands on the market. You should add yoga clothes for women to your collection.

Green Yoga Clothes for Women

1. Recycled Micro Polyester

A fabric made from recycled micropolyester is a great choice. The material tie dye yoga pants is made from recycled plastic bottles. Sweat and shape retention prevent your clothes from getting stiff, and this fabric helps with that.

You can find yoga clothes made of recycled micropolyester from Cozy Orange to keep you comfortable while you practice yoga.

2. Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is an excellent stabilizer of other types of eco-friendly fibers. The material has good absorption properties. As you do your inhales and exhales, talk about the fabric.

3. Bamboo Textile

Bamboo textile is made from bamboo fibers. It is one of the most popular fiber types today. The yoga clothes for women made of bamboo textiles offer a softer feel than cotton and are also better for the body and the soul.

You will achieve inner peace when you wear a bamboo sports bra and yoga pants from Green Apple. The yoga towels are made of bamboo fabrics.

4. Soy Fabric

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Soy waste materials are used to make soy fabric. The finest fabrics have a minimal environmental impact. The texture of this fabric is silky soft and light. It helps to allow perspiration to evaporate quickly. The cloth is perfect for hot environments.

5. Hemp Cloth

Another eco-friendly fabric made from the fibers of Cannabis sativa is industrial hemp. The longer you use it, the stronger it is. The fabric has awicking feature. It is ideal for exercise because it does not hold odors.

6. Recycled Wool

The use of recycled wool in fabrics is eco-friendly as they maximize the use of the fiber. This fabric is lightweight because it leaks back out of the fabric. Even with heavy use it can resist wrinkling.

7. Modal Fabric

It is a bio-based cloth made from beech trees. It is a great choice for yoga clothing because it is soft and drapes well. The fabric is absorbent and Breathable, making it perfect for shifting from pose to pose. A pair of yoga pants and a long-line seamless sports bra are must haves for yoga practice.

You can watch a product review video of the yoga leggings from

You will eventually be able to achieve a sustainable yoga practice with all these options. The clothes made from the finest eco-friendly fabrics are made to protect the environment and your body.

Have you tried yoga clothes that are green? We want to know in the comments.

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