The Hunt Institute Launches Architectural Design Competition for the Rulegura Center

The Hunt Institute Launches Architectural Design Competition for the Rulegura Center

The Rulegura Center is being built in partnership with SMU’s MASD Program, the Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity and three universities in Africa.

The Rulegura Center will provide a place for education and training in sustainable methods and practices in the areas of energy, construction, clean water, agriculture, aquaculture, and health. The K.I.S.S. mission is to promote sustainable development and protect the country’s wildlife and natural resources in the Rulegura Center. The center will serve as a meeting place.

31 students from 3 universities in Dar es Salaam, Ardhi University, and Mbeya University of Science and Technology entered the competition. The building plans drafted by each student team will be judged by a panel of 4 jurors. Since the building itself is a model for sustainable design in rural Tanzania, students are encouraged to incorporate local materials into their designs as well as ensure energy efficiency posting an ad on kijiji and sustainable maintenance

Local students were involved in crafting the building plans for K.I.S.S. It’s part of our mission to encourage young people to be aware that they have the ability to solve problems in the community. Ford hopes that the project will inspire self-confidence and self- determination among the young generation.

As K.I.S.S. begins the process of educating and training citizens on how to construct efficient, durable, and resilient buildings, the community involvement will continue. K.I.S.S. wants to create sustainable and durable buildings. Ford wants to empower the local people with technical skills so they can improve their quality of life.

The program is designed to find solutions from people on the ground. The local folks are more aware of the problems they face in their daily lives and that’s why we showcase how these solutions can be implemented effectively. It is important to involve these folks and the local communities that we hope to impact.

The Hunt Institute Digest will be updated on the Kijiji project and the winning student team of the architectural design competition.

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