The Best UV Sanitizers for Your Smartphone

The Best UV Sanitizers for Your Smartphone

It’s the surface you touch the most, so keep it clean.

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The past year has made people more cautious about germs. It can be a little daunting to go back into a world filled with germs. One of the lesser known germ hotbeds is your phone. Think about it: your phone touches everything you touch. How often do you clean it?

If you are finding yourself paying more attention to the environment, now is the time to buy a UV sanitizer. UV sanitizers use UV lighting to clean your phone. There are a lot of UV sanitizers available online. We rounded up the best UV phone sanitizers on the web to make it easier for you.

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One of the fastest and strongest UV sanitizers on the market was made by CASETiFY, who is best known for their phone cases. The gadgets uses ultraviolet bulbs to kill your phone in three minutes.

The flagship product of PhoneSoap is a fantastic product, and the name is brilliant. The sleek,usb-compatible sterilizer looks cool, but it is even cooler. It kills all germs. The PhoneSoap Pro is a better phone cleaner than the PhoneSoap 3. Both of these models can also charge your phone.

The cute bag is one of the more visually appealing options on the market, and it is small enough to take just about anywhere. It doesn’t need to be plugged into a wall to maximize convenience. HoMedics is the fastest. It can kill 99% of germs in 60 seconds, making it perfect for germaphobes on the go. It is currently on sale.

The premium UV sanitizer was verified by the world’s leading inspection company, so you should have no doubts that you will get your money’s worth. It is eco-friendly and has a 99 percent effectiveness in three minutes.

HoMedics has a UV sterilizer for smartphones that is specifically made for them. The triangular device is small enough to snap in and have your phone cleaned in 90 seconds.

The box from Cahot uses ultraviolet bulbs to kill harmful organisms. It takes 30 minutes to remove germs, but the lack of speed sterilizer is not a bug. The benefit is the ability to use aromatics. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the box and it will smell great.

This UV sanitizer is cheap and offers something for everyone. The box is large enough to fit most standard phones, and it also has wireless charging. This might be the best $36 you spend all month because it kills 99% of germs in three minutes.

Travelers will love this wand. You can feel confident that you won’t catch a cold if you wave it ten times over the surface you want to kill. It works on your phone, but also works well at airports, hotels, and other places where you might need to touch.

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