NeuroStar Advanced Therapy – Is It Right For You?

NeuroStar Advanced Therapy – Is It Right For You?

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Channel 4 Living Local with Brittany Price has a talk with our CEO about Vera French NeuroStar.

How is NeuroStar TMS different?

The new option in Neurostar Advanced Therapy at Vera French is for people tms depression who have tried multiple medications without success. The FDA approved Neurostar uses magnetic stimulation to deliver a safe, magnetic pulse to the brain in the right location for maximum benefit. There are things to note about the therapy.

Therapy sessions are held at the Vera French’s Center location.

You can return to normal activities right away

You are awake during treatment

There are no negative effects on sleep.

Most health insurance plans cover it, including Medicare, Iowa Medicaid, TRICARE, and Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield.

This innovative approach to achieving remission is bringing hope to people every day.

What is NeuroStar Advanced Therapy?

The FDA cleared the device for transcranial magnetic stimulation. It uses a magnetic field that is similar to what is used in anMRI machine. The brain of people with depression is less active than other people. This method is not done in a hospital. ECT has side effects, but not of the kind that NeuroStar has.

Half of those who complete the 6-week course of Neurostar Advanced Therapy will be completely free from depression and almost all will experience a significant reduction in their symptoms. Patients who have tried everything else are given hope by the fact that recovery is possible.

Is NeuroStar TMS right for me?

For people with depression who have not benefited from medication, NeuroStar Advanced Therapy is an exciting treatment option.

If you agree with two or more of the statements, you may be a good choice for NeuroStar Advanced Therapy.

Depression symptoms have interfered with my daily life.

I don’t like the results I get from medication.

I have had to take depression medications.

Side effects have led to me changing my medication for depression.

I am interested in non-drug therapy for depression.

How does treatment work?

A magnetic field is used to treat the brain area thought to control mood. The magnetic pulse may have a positive effect on the brain.

Treatment with NeuroStar TMS Therapy can be done in-office for 19 to 37 minutes. The Center location is 1441 W. Central Park Ave. Davenport, IA is located in the state of Iowa.

You will be placed on a magnetic coil on your head before you sit in the treatment chair.

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