Jewellery For New Mums

Jewellery For New Mums

The birth of your child is a beautiful event, so mark it with an extra special souvenir! You will feel extra special at this important moment in your life if you have stunning pieces mother daughter necklace of jewellery. We have the perfect gift idea for you, whether you want to give it to yourself or someone you know.

Beautiful Baby Bangles

A baby bangle is a must have. Our bracelets are made from sterling silver and come in a range of designs. These bracelets are perfect for keeping as your baby grows older. Gisele Diamond Heart Baby Bangle and the Faith Baby Bangle are both engraved with the words Love, Hope and Faith.

Mummy & Me Sets

The ultimate bond between a parent and child is celebrated in our mother and baby sets. Our sets are created as matching bracelets and necklaces. You can buy our Mummy & Me sets here.

Stunning Ladies Jewellery

A piece of ladies jewellery is a great way to show a new mother that she is special. Make your loved one feel appreciated with a piece of our high quality jewellery, including the Mira Bangle, India Necklace, Alexi Bracelet, Gia Necklace and more. Here you can see our ladies jewellery collection.

Get A Personalised Gift

It is a great way to give a gift that will mean a lot. We know that a unique item that means a lot is created when you put a personalized message on your jewellery. Most of our items are free to engraving, and include pendants and bangles. See more about the jewellery that is personalized.

Browse Gifts For New Mums Today

We have a wide range of gifts that are perfect for new mothers and their babies. We are proud of our high quality craftsmanship that will last a long time. We use gems and diamonds that are unique to you. Our jewellery has a premium finish that will ensure your loved one has a beautiful souvenir, because all of our diamonds have a high standard cut, colour, clarity and carats.

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