Is Your HOA Responsible For Paving and Paving?

Is Your HOA Responsible For Paving and Paving?

Severe cracked and damaged sidewalks and streets are a safety hazard for many homeowners. There can be a lot of confusion and drama surrounding the issue basement waterproofing of who should be responsible for repairing the damaged areas.

It is clear who is responsible for repairing the streets. The city of Dallas owns the streets and alleys, so many cities take responsibility for them. The Department of Public Works does the repairs.

The city is responsible for the repairs of the curbs. If the curb is hazardous or causing a significant standing water problem, it’s time to replace it.

We would love to give you a straight answer on who is responsible for the sidewalks and walkways, but it is not easy. It all depends on how the concrete came to be damaged. The drama comes here.

Many homeowners think the sidewalk is a public responsibility because it is public property. The truth is that the homeowner is responsible for the repairs to the sidewalk.

If the public spaces are technically owned by the HOA, the issue of responsibility for repairs is more complicated. The Board might argue that it is not responsible for repairing eye sores.

They want the damaged sidewalk repaired if it’s causing injuries to community members. If the homeowner next to the damaged sidewalk is responsible for the damage, they might try to get the homeowner to pay for the repairs.

If a homeowner is known for driving their vehicle over the sidewalk multiple times or planting a tree on their property where the root system can easily reach the sidewalk, this could be an example. Both of these actions could cause damage to the sidewalk.

The cost is one of the issues that surround concrete repairs in a community, but we should consider it briefly.

Homeowners should consider increasing their insurance liability coverage due to the fact that more cities are placing responsibility for sidewalk repairs in their hands. Older communities are more likely to have cracks and damage on the sidewalk. If someone got hurt outside your door due to a faulty sidewalk, you wouldn’t want to be caught unprepared for a costly lawsuit.

It can cost anywhere from $663 to $2,016 to fix a patio, walkway or sidewalk. The numbers are not accurate for every location as they will vary depending on the extent of the damage and construction prices in the area.

If your city offers a cost/share program to assist with the replacement of sidewalks, you should check with the Department of Public Works. Some places, like the city of Dallas, require a permit to perform sidewalk repairs, but they will help to offset some of the costs.

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