How Do I Choose the Right Style for My Personality Type?

How Do I Choose the Right Style for My Personality Type?

Can your type fashion clothes of personality test tell you if you like to wear a certain style? Which type is more likely to wear a suit? Which type is most likely to wear athletic clothes? Some trends show up more frequently in certain types than others. Let’s take a look!

Your background, upbringing, enneagram type, work dress code, body type, and even your friends can have an influence on your style. The information in this article is based on some surveying I did among my email list, and on a book called “The Art of Speed Reading People – How to Size People Up and Speak Their Language” by Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger. The suggestions here are based on feedback from readers of my email list and the notes in the Tiegers book. Not everyone will fit that mold. You could be one of them.

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Your Myers-Briggs® Type and Your Fashion Sense

The Individualist Intuitives (ENFPs and INFPs)

These types are all about expressing their individuality. They don’t pick clothes based on what’s accepted. They look for things that are relevant to their values. They will probably look for t-shirts with their favorite characters on them. They can dress in the style of the period of their favorite books if they like classic literature. ENFPs and INFPs are drawn to fashions that are romantic, personalized and unusual.

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The Romantic Types (ENFJs and INFJs)

The look that the ENFJs and INFJs want is classic and appropriate. They are drawn to romantic, striking outfits but they may make the mistake of buying clothes that they love appearance-wise, only to later find out they are uncomfortable or don’t fit as well as they would like to. These types are likely to dress in classic or romantic styles, but with an accent that symbolizes something important to them. They might wear a basic black dress and have unusual earrings. A man in a suit and tie with long hair and beaded bracelets is making a statement. They prefer comfy clothes when they are home alone. For home life, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and sweaters were a favorite.

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The Eclectic Types (ENTPs and INTPs)

These types know the importance of style and don’t get excited about it as much. NTPs will look for outfits that will help them get what they want. They prefer comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, but they also know that dressing sharp can help them get the job they want or make the right impression at a social event. They like clothing that is similar to something they love. They might wear Star Wars t-shirts if they are a fan. They like t-shirts with clever or witty sayings, as long as they are not cliché. The Photosynthesis t-shirt is not an affiliate link, so you can get it here.

The Strategic Professionals (ENTJs and INTJs)

These types are all about dressing. They hate being mediocre and dress in fashions that make them look successful. They are likely to have a minimalist wardrobe with mix-and-match pieces that they can easily pair together without much thought or consideration. Occasionally they have a more individual piece of clothing that they wear when they are not working. This is true when they are in their teens or older.

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The Individualist Sensors (ISFPs and ESFPs)

Individualist Sensors look stylish. They want looks that are comfortable but sexy. They are the types that make bed-head look like a style statement and ripped jeans look like high fashion. Their wardrobe is filled with pieces that evoke their individuality or that mean something to them. Every accent, color, and texture is meant to convey something about the person.

The Pragmatic Types (ISTPs and ESTPs)

Practicality and comfort are the two main factors in fashion for ISTPs and ESTPs. These types want clothes that are loose-fitting and comfortable to wear. It is not worth it if an outfit will keep them from climbing a mountain. They have a strong sense of aesthetic. They match their outfits carefully and buy high-quality items that will last. They will find a way to make the suit more appropriate if they have to wear it. They prefer athletic clothes when they aren’t at work.

The Romantic Traditionalists (ISFJs and ESFJs)

SFJs like comfortable and classic styles. These types don’t think it’s a good idea to waste money on trends that are not long-term. They want to buy looks that will be fashionable in a decade. While they may have an impulse buy of a trendy accent or t-shirt, their closet is usually made up of dependable suits, jeans, comfy sweaters, or cotton dresses, if they’re the dress-wearing type. SFJs are careful to make sure their style components match, because it is important for them to look their best. They like to add beautiful accents to their clothes, like diamond earrings, leather handbags, or watches.

The Professional Traditionalists (ISTJs and ESTJs)

Function and effectiveness are the focus of the StJs. They have a lot of different styles they can put together quickly. These types prefer to wear suits, pencil skirts, and high-quality, neutral-colored shirts or blouses that they can wear with a variety of other pants or skirts. It is important for STJs to look right for the part, whether it is a job interview or a church event. They like casual looks that still have a hint of elegance. T-shirts are likely to be washed carefully so that the whites are as bright as possible, and jeans are high-quality and durable, and they are also likely to be perfectly fitted and washed.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you agree with the style statements? Agree? Have you thought about or suggestions to add? Let us know in the comments.

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