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  • How Does the Calorie Calculator Work?

    It has never been simpler to achieve your ideal body due to the convenience of simple calculator. Moderately active for 3 days/week, very active for 5 days/week, and very active for 7 days/weekly. The calculator will give you all the information you need to make it happen if you type in some information about yourself, […]

  • NeuroStar Advanced Therapy – Is It Right For You?

    To schedule a free consultation, call or email the [email protected] Channel 4 Living Local with Brittany Price has a talk with our CEO about Vera French NeuroStar. How is NeuroStar TMS different? The new option in Neurostar Advanced Therapy at Vera French is for people tms depression who have tried multiple medications without success. The […]

  • The Blood Sugar Solution – 10 Big Ideas For Detoxing From Sugar and Refined Carbs

    Here is the truth. We kill ourselves by consuming sugar. Sugar is the New Fat It has been 40 years since Americans were told that fat is bad and that sugar is good. The science is irrefutable. Sugar is the root cause of our Obesity epidemic and most of the chronic disease that is sucking […]